Prepaid Vs Postpaid

Prepaid Vs Postpaid

Santa asks banta: why do u prefer prepaid connection over postpaid?

Banta: prepaid mein bahut faida hai, isme call ke baad bill badhne ki bajaye kam hota hai...

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The Suicide Bomber

Banta joins the suicide bomber squad, so when he is given a mission to suicide in the enemies camp. His leader supply him a lot of weapons and bombs stacked to his body and mobile for communications.

He lands up in the enemy's camp, called his boss: Sir, there are 2 enemies soldier, can I suicide now?

Leader: No, not for two, wait till you see more soldiers.

Banta: Sir now there are 25 can I do it now?

Boss: Wait for more.

Banta: Sir, now I am in a midst of 150 soldiers, can I suicide now?

Boss: Yes, go ahead, you will be a martyr, don't worry about your family, we will look after.

Banta pulls his knife and stabs himself in his chest!

Honeymooning Couple

Newlyweds Santa and Preeto were on their honeymoon trip and were driving down in their car to Chandigarh from their little town in Punjab.

They were nearing Chandigarh when Santa put his hand on Preeto's knee. Giggling, Jaspinder said shyly, 'Oye Santaji, you can go farther than that if you want to...'

So Santa Singh drove to Shimla.

Home Cooked Meal

Banta called his friend, Santa, and told him that he recently met the woman of his dreams. Now what should he do?

Santa said, "Send her some flowers, and on the card invite her for a home-cooked meal."

Banta liked the idea, so he invited the woman.

The day after the meal Santa calls Banta and asks about the meal.

Banta: "It was a flop idea."
Santa: "Didn't the girl come to your house?"
Banta: "She did, but she refused to cook!"

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