Medical Entrance Exam

Medical Entrance Exam

Sardar was giving his medical entrance exam.
He gave definitions as follows:
Against everybody
Study of fine art paintings
Advanced study of playing cards
CT scan:
Scanning 4 lost whistle..

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Santa in America

Santa was visiting his son who was in America for the very first time.

Santa was at a Local Food store going up and down the aisles with his son.

Santa asked, "What is this?
Santa's son, "Powdered orange juice"
Santa a bit confused, "Powdered orange juice?"
Son: "Yeah, Dad. You just add a little water, and you have fresh orange juice."

A few minutes later, in a different aisle Santa asked again, "And what is this?

Son, "Powdered milk"
Santa, "Powdered milk??"
Son: "Yeah, Dad. You just add a little water, and you have fresh milk!"

A few minutes later, in a different aisle...
Santa, "And give a look here!! Baby Powder !! What a country, What a country!"

Prepaid Vs Postpaid

Santa asks banta: why do u prefer prepaid connection over postpaid?

Banta: prepaid mein bahut faida hai, isme call ke baad bill badhne ki bajaye kam hota hai...

The Suicide Bomber

Banta joins the suicide bomber squad, so when he is given a mission to suicide in the enemies camp. His leader supply him a lot of weapons and bombs stacked to his body and mobile for communications.

He lands up in the enemy's camp, called his boss: Sir, there are 2 enemies soldier, can I suicide now?

Leader: No, not for two, wait till you see more soldiers.

Banta: Sir now there are 25 can I do it now?

Boss: Wait for more.

Banta: Sir, now I am in a midst of 150 soldiers, can I suicide now?

Boss: Yes, go ahead, you will be a martyr, don't worry about your family, we will look after.

Banta pulls his knife and stabs himself in his chest!

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