Microsoft Cars

Microsoft Cars

Question: Why can't MICROSOFT built any cars?

Answer: Cause when an accident happens the airbag always asks: "Are you sure?"

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Fixing broken computers

An office technician got a call from a user. The user told the tech that her computer was not working. She described the problem and the tech concluded that the computer needed to be brought in and serviced.

He told her to "Unplug the power cord and bring it up here and I will fix it."

About fifteen minutes later she shows up at his door with the power cord in her hand.

Mystery Adventure Game

This customer comes into the computer store. "I'm looking for a mystery Adventure Game with lots of graphics. You know, something really challenging."

"Well," replied the clerk, "Have you tried Windows 98?"

Microsoft Making Condoms

First man: You know, I hear Microsoft is going to start making Condoms.

Second man: That gives a whole new meaning to the words, "General Protection Fault."

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