The male sexual organ requests a promotion and a raise for the following reasons.

- has to work hard;
- has to work at great depths;
- has to work upside down;
- has no ventilation or air conditioned environment at work;
- has to work in a high humidity environment;
- has to work at high temperatures;
- does not get weekends and holidays off;
- does not get time off after extra hours of work;
- has a hazardous work environment that often causes professional sickness.

Request denied for the following reasons:

- does not work 8 hours in a row;
- does not answer immediately to all requests;
- does not have a degree;
- after a short activity period, falls asleep at work;
- shows no fidelity to the workplace;
- retires too early;
- does not work at all unless pushed from behind;
- does not leave the workplace clean after finishing work.

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Holy Water

Three nuns were standing at the gates of Heavan waiting to speack to St. Peter. Since nuns are not supposed to be involved with men, he asked if they had been involved with a man in any sexual way.

The first nun said, "I have touched a man's penis."

St.Peter told her to go was her hands in the fountain of holy water close by then she could enter Heaven.

The second nun said "I have had sex once, but only once."

St. Peter then told her to go wash her (u know what) in the same fountain.

Hearing that the third nun screamed, "Oh please no! I have to put my mouth in that!"


Once a mother, father and a child went on a aeroplane and the plane was about to crash.

Father: Honey there are two parachutes and we are three so let the child be we could have another one. they jumped off. When they reached the ground they found the child lying there.

Mother: Baby, baby what happened

Child: Me no dumb, me no silly, me hold on to father's chilly.

Two months later the same incedient happens and the parents jumped off without the child and this time they find the child half dead on the ground.

Mother: Baby, baby what happened.

Child: Me very dumb, Me very silly, me find out mother has no chilly.


One day when the teacher walked to the black board, she noticed someone had written the word 'pe*nis' in tiny letters. She turned around, scanned the class looking for the guilty face.

Finding none, she quickly erased it, and began her class. The next day she went into the room, and she saw, in larger letters, the word 'pe*nis' again on the black board. Again, she looked around in vain for the culprit, but found none, so she proceeded with the day's lesson.

Every morning, for about a week, she went into the classroom and found the same disgusting word written on the board, each day's word, larger than the previous day's word. Finally, one day, she walked in, expecting to be greeted by the same word on the board, but instead, found the words, "The more you rub it, the bigger it gets!"

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