Finger Print

Finger Print

Police Inspector : Have you caught the thief?
Hawaldar : No, but I found some trace of him.

Police Inspector : What?
Hawaldar : Finger prints.

Police Inspector : Where?
Hawaldar : On my cheeks.

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Smart Wish

A Gujju having no child, no money, no home, a blind mother, prays to God.

God happy with his prays, grants him a wish but its only ONE wish!

Gujju thinks about his wish and says, "I want my mother to see my wife putting Diamond bangles on my Child's hands in our new mansion!"

Donating Blood

A rich man needed blood for his heart surgery.

He got it from a poor Bania.

The rich man gave him 5 million dollars. Once again the rich man needed blood for surgery.

Bania was more than happy to donated blood again. This time, the rich just gave him a Cadburyes Chocolate. Bania asked the reason.

The rich man now replied: "Now I also have Bania's blood in my body."

TT to Sadhu

Train mein TT Sadhu se bola : Kahan jana hai?
Sadhu : Jahan Ram ka janam hua tha.
TT : Ticket hai?
Sadhu : Nahin
TT : Chalo
Sadhu : Kahan?
TT : Jahan Krishan ka janam hua tha.. Jail mein.

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