Bank Deposit And Sex

Bank Deposit And Sex

What Is The Similarity Between The A Bank Deposit And Sex?

You Loose Interest If You Withdraw.

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Call to Police

Woman being raped, she calls the police over the phone & says :

"Hellooo ooh, oh, uuhaah, yes, uoah,
This man is raping me,
Aah yeahh, aahh,

Can you come & arrest him tomorrow!!!

Right Hand

Your wife is your right hand...
But if your wife ran away then your right hand is your wife...

Are They Twins

Dark ugly woman walks into a store with his two sons.

Shopkeeper surporisley asks to woman: "Are they twins?"

Woman shocked and asked: "No, why did you ask?"

Shopkeeper: "Can't believe someone fucked you twice"

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