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H - Hawas mita do
O - Or chuso
N - Nanga karke
E - Ek hi jhatke mein
Y - Yeh gaya
M - Maar dala
O - Or dalo
O - Or tez
N- Ni..k..a..l g..a. y..a

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All Attorneys are Assholes
A biker walks into a yuppie bar. He orders a shot and a beer and drinks them down. Then he stands up, turns around and yells "All attorneys are assholes." Well this one guy comes right up to him and says "You take that back right now!" The biker says "Why, are you an attorney?" He replies "No, I'm an asshole"

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Shadi Kar Lein
Boy during Sex: Kyun na hum shadi kar lein, phir hum roz aisa kar sakenge.
Girl: Mazdoor ho mMazdoori karo, factory ka maalik ban-ne ki koshish na karo.
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Santa: In all AIDS ads, they talk of SAFE SEX.
What is SAFE SEX?
Banta: Oye, SAFE SEX is when wife is out of town!
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