Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A Stanford Medical research group advertised for participants in a study of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They were looking for therapy clients who had been diagnosed with this disorder.
The response was gratifying; they got 3,879 responses one hour after the ad came out.
All from the same person.

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Four Letter-Words

A man is recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appears and asks him how he is feeling.
'I'm O.K. but I didn't like the four letter-words the doctor used in surgery,' he answered.
'What did he say,' asked the nurse.

Women and Dentist

Women to Dentist: Its so painful I'll prefer to get pregnant than getting my cavity filled.
Dentist: Make a decision, I'll adjust the ahair accordingly.


A patient was suffering from a diseases and he was badly in trouble so he went to the doctor and asked,
Patient : "what are the chances of my recovering doctor?"
Doctor : "one hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten people die of the disease you have. Yours is the tenth case I've treated. The others all died".

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