Double Dose of Viagra

Double Dose of Viagra

Bubba went to the doctor's office to ask for a double dose of Viagra.The doctor told him that he couldn't allow him a double dose. 
"Why not?' asked Bubba. 
"Because it's not safe,' replied the doctor. 
"But I need it really bad,' said Bubba. 
"Well, why do you need it so badly?' asked the doctor. 
Bubba answered, "My girlfriend is coming into town on Friday; my ex-wife will be here on Saturday; and my wife is coming home on Sunday. Can't you see? I must have a double dose." 
The doctor finally relented saying, "Okay, I'll give it to you, but you have to come in on Monday morning so that I can check you to see if there are any bad side effects." 
On Monday, Bubba dragged himself in to the doctor's office, his right arm in a sling. 
The doctor asked, "What happened to you?" 
Bubba said, "No one showed up."

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Duck Hunting

A medical student, an Internist, a Psychiatrist, a Surgeon and a Pathologist go duck hunting.
They barely find their duck blind before the first duck flies over. The medical student is the first to raise his shotgun, but unable to tell if the duck is really a duck, he does not shoot.
The internist aims his shotgun, but can not tell if the duck is male or female and he does not shoot.
The psychiatrist has the duck framed in his sight, but then lowers his shotgun, claiming "I know this is a duck, but does the duck know he's a duck?"
The surgeon quickly raises his shotgun, aims, and without pause shoots. The duck falls to the ground. The surgeon turns to the pathologist. "Go figure out if that's a duck or not."

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A Stanford Medical research group advertised for participants in a study of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They were looking for therapy clients who had been diagnosed with this disorder.
The response was gratifying; they got 3,879 responses one hour after the ad came out.
All from the same person.

Four Letter-Words

A man is recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appears and asks him how he is feeling.
'I'm O.K. but I didn't like the four letter-words the doctor used in surgery,' he answered.
'What did he say,' asked the nurse.

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