3 Days a Week

3 Days a Week

A woman goes to the doctor to get some medication for her elderly husband. She's given some pills and is told that he should take two every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and skip the remaining days in the week. A month later the woman returns to the doctor to tell that her husband has died of a heart attack. 'I don't understand it,' says the doctor. 'His heart hasn't bothered him before. I hope it wasn't a side effect of the medication.' 'Oh no,' replies the wife. 'The pills did him good, it was the skipping that killed him.'

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Any Side Effects

Since I'm not keen on taking pills, when my doctor gave me a prescription to lower my blood pressure, I asked him if there were any side effects.
"Yes," he said. "Longevity."

How is your son

First mother: "How's your son getting on at medical school?"
Second mother: "I don't know, I can't read his letters."

Only 3 Weeks

Doctor : "I'm afraid you've only got three weeks to live"
Patient : "Then I'll take two weeks before Diwali and and the week between Christmas and New Year's."

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