Just One Wish

Just One Wish

Three guys are convicted of a very serious crime, and they're all sentenced to twenty years in solitary confinement. They're each allowed one thing to bring into the cell with them.
The first guy asks for a big stack of books. The second guy asks for his wife. And the third guy asks for two hundred cartons of cigarettes.
At the end of the twenty years, they open up the first guy's cell. He comes out and says, "I studied so hard. I'm so bright now, I could be a lawyer. It was terrific."
They open up the second guy's door. He comes out with his wife, and they've got five new kids. He says. "It was the greatest thing of my life. My wife and I have never been so close. I have a beautiful new family. I love it."
They open up the third guy's door, and he's slapping at his pockets, going "Anybody got a match?"

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Smart Parakeet

A burglar got into a house one night. Shining his flashlight on the floor in the dark, he heard a voice saying, "Moses is watching you."
He looked around nervously, shook his head, and kept looking for valuables. He again heard, "Moses is watching you."
This time, he shone his light all over, and it rested on a parrot.
He asked, "Did you say that?"
The parrot said, "I'm just trying to warn you, that's all."
The burglar asked, thinking to himself this must be a weird parrot, "Warn me, huh? Who are you? What's your name?"
"Well, what kind of stupid people would name a parrot 'Aaron'?"
The bird answered, "The same folks who would name a Rottweiler 'Moses'."

Adam's Political Affiliation

Teacher: "Who were the first human beings?"
Christian Student: "Adam and Eve."
Teacher: "And what political philosophy do you think they had?"
Student: "Communist, of course."
Teacher: "And how do you know that they were Communist?"
Student: "Easy, they had no roof over their heads, no clothes to wear, and only one apple between them, yet they still called it paradise!"

Fishing Licence

One day two men were fishing, when a Game Warden slipped up on them and asked to see their fishing licences.
One of the men took off running. So the warden started chasing him. He ran after the man up and down the side of the river, thru the swamp, up the side of a mountain, the man swam across the river with the warden right behind him. Then he swam back across the river with the warden still right behind him.
Finaly after about three miles of chasing the game warden caught up with the man, bleeding and out of breath the warden asked to see his fishing licence. The man said, "Oh, that's what you wanted," reached in his pocket and pulled out his licence and handed it to the warden.
The warden asked why did you run? The man just looked at the warden and smiled and said: 'Oh, I thought you wanted my friend's licence, he doesn't have one!'

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