A software engineer was smoking in office.
Girl says, Can't you see the warning? "Smoking is injurious to health"
The engineer says : We bother only about Errors not Warnings !!!!

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Future of 32-Bit Operating Systems

Bill Gates and Jim Cannavino from IBM are arguing about the future of 32-bit operating systems. They decide to throw a coin.
Cannavino: "If the number is up, OS/2 will be the new standard, if it's head Windows95 will be the new standard.
Gates: "Hey, you forgot Windows NT."
Cannavino: "No, I didn't. If the coin falls on end, Windows NT will be the future."

3 Professionals

A mechanical, electrical and computer engineer were riding together to an engineering seminar the car began jerking and shuttering. The mechanical engineer, said, "I think the car has a faulty carburetor."The electrical engineer said, "no, I think the problem lies with the alternator."The computer engineer brightened up and said, "I know, let's stop the car, all get out of the car and get back in again!"

Hi-Tech Products

Bill Gates, Andrew Grove from Intel and Jerry Sanders from AMD are having a conference. Suddenly Bill Gates starts to talk to his watchc Grove and Sanders are surprised. "Thats the new telephone feature from Microsoft at Work it comes with Windows96 describes Bill Gates. Five minutes later Andy Groves interrupts the conference. "Sorry, itfs a call" and starts to talk very silent. "Thatfs the newest Intel-Product. A satellite-telephone in my tooth."Just a few seconds lets out a loud fart: "Give me some paper ! Ifm receiving a fax!

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