Question Paper in Year 2020

Question Paper in Year 2020

Question paper in year 2020:
Q.1 Name the cities of PAKISTAN where electricity is found.
Q.2 How does sugar taste? Explain in ur own words.
Q.3 Draw a neat n labelled diagram of a suicide jacket.
Q.4 In ancient times, what was PETROL used for? Support ur answer with examples.
Q.5 Write the complete name of PAKISTAN.
Q.6 Explain principle n working of a Drone?

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Kanjoos Boss

Kanjoos boss 2 worker:
Tumne is saal mehnat se kaam kia hai, is liye 5000 ka bonus cheque de raha hoon.
Agar isi tarha kaam karoge to agle saal is pe sign bhi kar dunga.

Ek kanjoos on his death time

A kanjoos on his death time.
My wife, Where r u?
Wife: Yes, I'm here.
My sons & daughters r u all here?
Yes, Papa
Kanjoos: To phir bagal wale kamre ka pankha kyun chal raha hai.

Kis ke naam pe

Pathan ne restaurant phone kiya:
1 zinger burger!
1 fried rice!
1 frech fries!
Bhej do!
Restaurant: Ok, kis ke naam pe?
Pathan: Allah ke naam pe.

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