Spare part aa gaya hai

Spare part aa gaya hai

Mechanical engineer wife calls his husband that tumhara spare part aa gaya hai (usko bacha hua)
Then husband say check karo niche nut hai ya bolt

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Arguing With Boss

Arguing with your boss is like wrestling with a donkey in the mud.
After some time you will realize that you are getting dirty and the donkey is enjoying it..!

Smallest Resignation Letter

World's smallest resignation letter?
Respected sir,
I love Ur wife.
Thank you

Barracks Door

Mr. Smyth had just hired himself a new secretary. She was young, sweet, polite and a little on the shy side.
One day while, taking dictation, she noticed his fly was open. Being both shy and polite, when leaving the room she said, "Oh Mr. Smyth, did you know your barracks door is open?"
He did not understand her remark, thinking to himself that perhaps he'd erred in judgement and hired someone a little on the loopy side... but later on he happened to look down and notice that his zipper was open. Realizing what she'd meant, and being a bit of a cad himself, he decided to have some fun with her.
Calling her in, he asked her, "By the way, Miss James... when you saw my barracks door open this morning, did you also see a soldier standing at attention?"
The secretary, in a quickly witted retort that made it clear shy and polite does not always equal dumb, replied, "Why no, Mr. Smyth. All I saw was a little disabled veteran sitting on two old duffel bags".

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