Kaisa laga tha

Kaisa laga tha

Wife - Shaadi ki raat aap ne jab mera ghunghat uthaya to kaisa laga?
Husband - Main to mar hi jaata agar mujhe hanumaan chalisa yaad na hota!!

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What is Inflation

Wife: Yeh inflation kya hoti hai.
Husband: Pehle tu 36-24-36 thi... ab 48-38-48 hai. Tere paas pehle se sab kuchh zayda hai par fir bhi teri value kam hai yehi inflation hai.

Jealous Wife

There was once a wife so jealous that when her husband came home one night and she couldn't find hairs on his jackets. she yelled at him, "Great, so now you're cheating on me with a bald woman!"
The next night, when she didn't smell any perfume, she yelled again by saying, "She's not only bald, but she's too cheap to buy any perfume!"

I saw a dream

Wife: yesterday-night I saw a dream, that u were sending me Jewelry and clothes!
Husband: Yeah, I also saw your was dad paying the bill !!!

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