If I am a millionaire

If I am a millionaire

Teacher: Write an essay on 'If I am a millionaire'
All students started writing
...except one boy

Teacher- Why don't you start writing?
Boy- I am waiting for my secretary!

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Test for Hearing Problem

John feared that his wife Anna wasn't hearing well. He called a Dr. who told him a simple test.

"Talk from 40 ft away in casual tone. If she doesn't hear u go to 30 ft then 20 ft & so on until u get a response"

In evening, Wife was in kitchen. He was in lounge. In normal tone he asks :

"Honey! wats 4 dinner? No Response.
He moves closer, about 30 ft but still no response.
Next he move to 20 ft. again no response!
So he walks up to the kitchen bout 10 ft. away.
Again no response ... !!!

So he walks up right behind her : "Anna ! wats 4 dinner???

"For God's sake John, for the 5th time am telling you "CHICKEN" "CHICKEN"

Fearless Students

Medical & Engg. College principls argued that their students are fearless.
Medical college principal called the students & asked to jump in sea full of sharks.
They Jumped.
Principal said: "See the guts"
Engg. College principal called the students & told them to jump.
they said "Pagal hai kya Takle?"
Principal said:
"See the guts".

Girls will be Girls

Gf giving house direction to her bf- "come to front gate of apartment" where I live
Look for flat 9A, U ll find a lift on your right,
with ur ELBOW hit 9 get out of the lift U ll find my flat on left
Hit doorbell with your ELBOW & I ll get d door 4u.

Bf says- Dear Dat seems easy but why am Hit all the buttons with my elbows.

Gf- OMG Baby u are not coming with Empty handed r u?

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