Blackmailing in new style

Blackmailing in new style

Blackmailing in new style to the company boss....

Employee to boss: agar aap ne meri salary nahi badhai,

To sare office ko bata doon ga ki

"Aapne meri salary badha di haI"

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Parrots for sale

A man saw 3 parrots for sale.
He was shocked by abnormaly high price

The owner says d 1st parrot can run ms office. -
Price ten thousnd

Othr parrot 15 thousnd,
A programmer

D last parrot caried a tag of 50 thousnd
What does he do?

Owner replies: To b honest he does nothing
But the other 2 parrots call him boss..! ;->

Smallest resignation letter

Smallest resignation letter ever....

Dear sir,

aaakkkkk ThOooOoo

Thank you...

Spare part aa gaya hai

Mechanical engineer wife calls his husband that tumhara spare part aa gaya hai (usko bacha hua)
Then husband say check karo niche nut hai ya bolt

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