Who need to laugh

Who need to laugh

The CEO returned from lunch in a good mood and called the whole staff in to listen to a couple of jokes he had picked up on Friday.

Everybody, laughed uproariously except on girl.

What's the matter? Grumbled the boss. Haven't you got a sense of humour?

I don't have to laugh, she replied. I'm leaving on Friday.

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Blackmailing in new style

Blackmailing in new style to the company boss....

Employee to boss: agar aap ne meri salary nahi badhai,

To sare office ko bata doon ga ki

"Aapne meri salary badha di haI"

Parrots for sale

A man saw 3 parrots for sale.
He was shocked by abnormaly high price

The owner says d 1st parrot can run ms office. -
Price ten thousnd

Othr parrot 15 thousnd,
A programmer

D last parrot caried a tag of 50 thousnd
What does he do?

Owner replies: To b honest he does nothing
But the other 2 parrots call him boss..! ;->

Smallest resignation letter

Smallest resignation letter ever....

Dear sir,

aaakkkkk ThOooOoo

Thank you...

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