Sardarji in IAS Entrance

Sardarji in IAS Entrance

Brilliant Answers by sardarji in IAS entrance...

Q- In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
A- His last battle !

Q- How do u stop acid indigestion?
A- Stop drinking acid !

Q- Where was the declaration of independence signed?
A- At the bottom of the page !

Q- What's the main reason for Divorce?
A- Marriage!

Q- Ganga flows in which state?
A- Liquid state !

Q- When was Mahatma Gandhi born?
A- On his birthday !

Q- How will u distribute 8 mangoes amongst 6 people?
A- By preparing mango shake.

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Many Characters but No Story

Sardar returns book to library, bangs it on table & says - What a shit ?"
Read the whole book, too many character, no story at all"?
Librarian : So, you are the one who took the Telephone Directory.


Once a sardar was looking at a WANTED poster & was wondering -
Saala wanted tha to photo kheenchne ke baad use jaane kyon diya?

Fastest Thing In The World

Four guys, from Harvard, Yale, MIT and SANTA SINGH from Punjab University were to be interviewed for a prestigious job. One common question was asked to all 4 of them.


YALE guy: Its light, Nothing can travel faster than light

HARVARD Guy : It's the Thought; b'cos thought is so fast it comes instantly in Your mind.

MIT guy : Its Blink, you can blink and its hard to realize you blinked.

SANTA SINGH : Its Loose motion.

INTERVIEWER : (Shocked to hear Santa's reply, asked) "WHY"?

SANTA SINGH: Last night after dinner, I was lying in my bed and I got the worst stomach cramps, and before I could THINK, BLINK or TURN ON THE LIGHTS, it was over!!!!

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