Date with husband's best friend

Date with husband's best friend

Woman on date with husband's best friend;

*phone ring*

Woman: Yes? Ok , fine , bye!
Turns to her Lover and laughs: My husband says he is playing golf with U.

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Height Of Confidence

Once many professors were called n asked to sit in an airplane to go on a journey...
After they sat, they were informed that the plane is made by their students,
All of them ran n got out of the plane except one ...

People asked him the reason ...

He said:
"If it is made by my students, It won't even start"

Race for Mobile

Girl- Nice mobile. Where did u buy?
Boy- I won this in a running race.
Girl- How many people participated?
Boy- Mobile owner, police and me.

Shortest Horror Story

3 FRIENDS living in a room at 100th floor of the building!
One day LIFT not working...!
So they decided to tell a story for time pass!
They start to walk in steps!
1st person told an action story upto 50th floor!
2nd person told a comedy story upto 99th floor!
3rd person told most horror story which had only 1 sentence...!
and that is


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