A Wish

A woman finds Aladdin's magic lamp. She starts rubbing it and a Genie comes out as usual. The woman looks at the Genie and asks him to grant her wishes

- I want my husband to have eyes only for me

- I want to be the only one in his life

- I want him to sleep always by my side

- I want that when he gets up in the morning I'm the first thing he grabs and takes me everywhere he goes.

The Genie turned her into a Smart Phone....!!

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Wonderful Confession

Wonderful confession by a girl in church and amazing reply she got

She:I am in love with a boy who is far away from me
I am in India and he lives in UK

We met on marriage website
Became friends on Facebook
Had long chats on whatsapp
Proposed each other on skype
And now 2 months of relationship through viber

"I need your blessings and good wish Oh god"

Guy besides her said: Now get married on twitter
Have fun on tango
Buy your kids from ebay
Send them through gmail
And if u r fed up with your husband or kids toh unko OLX pe bech do......

Kitna Pyar Karte Ho

Wife : Jaanu batao tum mujh se kitna pyar karte ho?

Husband : Bahut zyaada.

Wife : Phir bhi kitna

Husband : Itna ki dil kar raha hai ki tumhari jesi ek aur le aaoon.

Monsoon Offer

Wife saw board outside a shop

Monsoon Offer Only for today :

Banarsi saree 10/-

Nylon 8/-

Cotton 5/-

Excited Wife to Husband: Give me Rs. 500, I'll buy 50 sarees



Beerbal ki maa, istri ki dukan hai woh.

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