Movie Names

Movie Names

If movies were made by drinkers, then the titles would be....

Soda Akbar

Rab Ne Pila di Thodi

Rum de basanti

Hum tight ho chuke sanam

Beer Zara

Bevde Zameen Par

Ek Tha Bagpiper

Talli six

Rum Maro Rum

Maine Drink Tujko Diya

Bewdy Rathore

Hickk Hick Hota Hai


Hum Tunn

Maine Neat Kyu Piya

Peg Liya To Chakna Kya

Ulti Kar Di Aapne


Pinewale Baatliyaa Le Jayenge..!


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After drinking

After drinking men talk unnecessarily...
Become emotional...
Drive badly
Stop thinking
Fight 4 nothing

"Alcohol contains female hormones!"

Fight is about to start

Santa: Hurry-up, hurry-up, give me a drink. Fight is about to start.
Bartender gives him a drink.
Santa again says: Hurry-up, hurry-up, give me drink. Fight is about to start.
Bartender again gives him a drink.
Santa again asks for a drink as the fight is about to star.
Bartender: When on earth the fight will start?
Naughty Santa: When you will ask for money.

Accidents due to drunken driving

10% of road accidents are due to drunken driving.

Which makes it a logical statement that 90% of accidents are due to driving without drinking!

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