British Divided India

British Divided India

Seems like the British divided India in such a way that all the Batsmen were left in India, while all the Bowlers went on the Pakistan's side.

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Biggest pressure for Pak captain

What's the biggest pressure for Pak captain when Pak needs 1 run to win in 8 ovrs, with 5 wickets in hand?

Ya Allah! How to speak English in presentation ceremony?

Cricketers mindset

Cricketers mindset:-

Ganguly: do or die.

Sehwag: do before you die.

Dravid: do until they die.

Tendulkar: do that will never die.

Laxman- Do when everyone else die.

Yuvraj - Do, die, reborn, do, die, reborn (repeat)....

Finally ...

Dhoni - Do everything before luck die.

Bring a Pepsi

Q- Prasad ask's Kumble to bring a Pepsi... Kumble brings a bottle of Pepsi but goes directly to Tendulkar.
Why ?? Why ?? :-
Ans. Tendulkar is an opener.

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