Dont Mess With Engineers

Dont Mess With Engineers

Engineers at their best

7 Engineers and 7 Doctors are going from PUNE to Mumbai, So they both gather at Pune Station. Both groups are desperately trying to prove their superiority.

7 engineers take only 1 Ticket and 7 doctors buy all 7 tickets.. Doctors are desperately waiting for TC to come...... When TC arrives, All 7 Engineers get in one toilet So when TC knocks, one hand come out with the ticket and the TC goes away....

NOW on return Journey All of them don't get a direct train to PUNE. So they all decide to take a Passenger till Lonavala, from there they can easily get a LOCAL to PUNE

Doctors decided, "this time we will prove that we too are equal"....All 7 Doctors take 1 Ticket Engineers don't buy any ticket at all...

TC arrives.... ALL DOCTORS IN ONE TOILET. ALL ENGINEERS IN THE OPPOSITE ONE.. One engineer gets out and knocks the door of Doctors toilet, One hand comes with the tickets, he takes the ticket and comes in engg. Bathroom... TC DRIVES out ALL the doctors from the toilet and they are heavily fined.

SO now both the group are on LONAVALA station. Doctors planning their move for last chance, they board the local to Pune. This time doctors decide that they will play the same (1 ticket) trick. ALL Doctors take 1 tickets...Engineers BUY all 7 tickets this time...

SO TC Comes.. All Engineers showed their tickets..... Doctors are still searching for toilet in the LOCAL train........... Conclusion: Technically intelligent people are geniuses, don't mess with Engineers.

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Boss is Always Right

Boss : There are 50 bricks on an aeroplane. If you drop 1 outside. How many are left?

Employee : That's easy, 49.

Boss : What are the three steps to put an elephant into a fridge?

Employee : Open the fridge. Put the elephant in. Close the fridge

Boss : What are the four steps to put a deer into the fridge?

Employee : Open the fridge. Take the elephant out. Put the deer in. Close the fridge.

Boss : It's lion's birthday, all animals are there except one, why?

Employee : Because the deer is in the fridge.

Boss : How does an old woman cross a swamp filled with crocodiles?

Employee : She just crosses it because the crocodiles are at the lion's birthday

Boss : Last question. In the end the old lady still died. Why?

Employee : Er....I guess she drowned....err...

Boss : No! She was hit by the brick fallen from the aeroplane. Thats the problem, you are not focused on your job....You may leave now!

Moral: 'No matter how much you know or how much you are prepared . If your Boss has decided to screw you then you are surely screwed.'

Medical Alert about a Highly Dangerous Virus

Medical Alert about a Highly Dangerous Virus Called "Weekly Overload Recreational Killer" (WORK).

If u come in contact with this WORK VIRUS u should immediately go to the nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (BAR).... Center to take antidotes known as

-"Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract" (WINE)

-Radioactive UnWORK Medicine (RUM)

-Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER)

Issued in Public Interest

Pahele Alibaba aur 40 chor

Pahele Alibaba aur 40 chor tha
Alibaba aur 20 chor ban gaya
Batao Kyon ?
Recession Boss
20 choro ko nikal diya
Cost Cutting

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