Drinkers Are Practical People

Drinkers Are Practical People

A Lady was conducting her anti drinking campaign outside a bar. A man came out of the Bar exuding alcohol fumes and the Lady said
"Tell me!!! If you arrive at the Gates of Heaven with your breath smelling of liquor... Do you think the Lord will let you in ???"

"My good woman" passionately holding her hand, said the man,
"When I go to Heaven I expect to leave my breath behind."


Drinkers are practical people.

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Sharabiyon Ke Sanskar

Daaru peene se pehle jo glass me ungli dubo kar do boond neeche giraayi jaati hai...
usse sharabiyon ke granth me sanskar kaha gaya hai.

Overloaded By Life

If ever u feel overloaded by life, wife or work ....
Immediately go to the nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (BAR) center & place order for any 1 or more of the following Antidotes:

1. Wife Irritation Neutralizing Extract (WINE)
2. Refreshing Unique Medicine (RUM)
3. Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER)
4. Vaccino Officio Depression Killing Antigen (VODKA)
5. Wife High Infusing Suspicion Killing Energy Yeast (WHISKEY)

This is issued in public interest by Buddies for Eradication of Work Disease Association (BEWDA)

3 Friends at Bar

3 dost daaru peete rahe the..

Boy 1 - Bhai hum log bullet se Laddakh chalenge.

Boy 2 - Haan bhai chalenge.

Boy 3 - Lekin kaise chalenge apne paas to cycle bhi nahi hai?

Boy 1& 2 - Saale hamein pata tha tu
Daaru nahi pee raha hai khaali namkeen kha raha hai.

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