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In India, why do the bride's parents generally bear all marriage expenses?

CA student's Brilliant answer......

"Because as per Indian law, excise duty on production is
payable by the manufacturer at the time of dispatch of goods."

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Employee To Boss

Employee : "हेलो बॉस, मुझे टेररिस्ट ने पकड़ लिया है, दोनों हाथ काट दिए, आँख फोड़ दी, किडनी निकाल ली"

Boss: देख ले... हो सके तो आजा, आज स्टाफ कम है.

Corporate Rivalry

Hilarious corporate rivalry; Beat this one!

Notice on entry gate of a Apple Store in New York: "Don't ever fart here; the smell will stay for ages. We don't have Windows"

And Tit for Tat from Microsoft in their premises: "Anyone visiting us here can be free to use Windows in case you need to release stale gas from yesterday's half eaten apple. We have been providing open window systems to the world since ages.

Manager's Joke

Manager told a joke. Everyone in the team laughed except one guy...

Manager asks him - "Didn't you understand my joke????"

The guy replied - "I resigned yesterday"

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