Wax for candles

Wax for candles

There was once a man and his dog, who were stranded on an island. One day, the man was really desperate and wanted to have sex real bad, so he went round the island, hoping to find a woman or something, except for a barrel.

So with that, he poked a hole through the middle of the barrel and screwed till he was satisfied. Ever since then, he used that to fulfil his sexual desires.

One day, his dog, had the sexual urge too, so it decided to use the method that its master have been using. So the two of them used the barrel until they died.

About 50 years later, the island was founded by a group of old nuns and they built a nunnery there. One day the Chief Nun found a certain barrel which contained a loadful of wax, so she took it and made them into candles.

The candles were then used to light up the nunnery in the dark until one day, a nun got naughty and decided to satisfy herself with the candles. She throughly enjoyed herself from it. However 10 months later, she rushed into the Mother Superior's room and said, "I've got to confess, I used the candle to satisfy my inner desires 10 months ago and now I have a baby."

Mother Superior then replied, "You're more fortunate my child, *I've* got a puppy...!!"

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2 Poems

Nipple Nipple don't be far
Let me press u in my car
up above the chest so high
always milky never dry
let me suck u don't feel shy
in the brassieres u will die.

Love is sensation
caused by temptation
to feel penetration
a guy sticks his location
in a girl's destination
to increase population
for the next generation.

Toys and Breasts

Q:) What is common between Toys and Breasts.

A:) Both are made for children but fathers play with it!

Brown thing

This girl goes to a doctor and say doctor Its very embarrassing but something brown is dropping off my private parts.

The doctor asks the girl to lift her skirt and examines her and sure there is some thing brown coming out.

The doctor is confused ask's the girl, How frequently are you having sex?

Doc: One a day?
Girl: Naa

Doc: Once a Week?
Girl: Nope

Doc: Once a month?
Girl: Naaa

Doc: One a year!
Girl: Some thing like that.

Doc: Oh I get it, it's nothing the brown thing is just rust!

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