Jassema was getting married very soon, but she was a little upset and nervous about all those weird things she has been listening about. On the day of her Suhaag Raat, her mamma tell her how to behave well and stay calm when her hubby comes in the room for the first night.

Don't worry, Sweet heart, you'll be all right. But listen, take special care of your boobs, cause men always tend to eat them away thinking that they're apples.

Ok, mom. Jassema runs away, but what ??? She comes back to her mom in a short while, very nervous and almost in tears.

Mom, Mom !!!! My hubby is trying to eat away my apples !!!

Don't worry darling, see I told you, this is in the nature of men, your dad still tries to eat away Water Melons !!!

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Q} Aadmiyon ko nazar kyoon nahi lagti?

A) Kyoonki unhe mirchi aur nimboo pahele se hi lage huve hai.

Make-up Kit

Two boys-tom and Johnny had to go to a party. Tom was fully dressed up but Johnny was trying to fix his pants, his zippers weren't working. He asked tom to say, "make-up kit is open" when in the party his zippers look clearly opened.

Both the boys went to the party; having a good time. After some time Johnny's friend realized that not only his zippers were open but his dick was coming out too.

Tom (whispering): "Johnny make-up kit mein se lipstick bahar nikal rahi hai"

Bure Karamon ka fal

Once three friends....Clinton Lallu and Atal ji go 2 heaven..

There they meet god...immediately Clinton and Lallu see that Atal ji is having sex with a jamadarni [sweeper] Clinton and Lallu are confused they ask god bhagwaan yeh kya hua Atal ji was such a good leader how come hes havin sex with a sweeper.

God told them yeh unke bure karamon ka fal hai...then Lallu sees the same thing happens with Clinton and god replies yeh Clinton ke bure karamon ka result hai..

Then both Clinton and atal see Lallu havin sex with Aishwarya rai...they are shocked they yell at bhagwaan humko jamadarni aur is ko Aishwarya bhagwaan tells them to relax because woh Aishwarya rai ke bure karamon ka result hai.

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