The Priest's Rooster

The Priest's Rooster

A priest had lost a rooster and didn't know where to find it.

So at the sermon next day he queried "Has anybody got the cock?"
All the men stood up.

"No no I mean has anybody seen the cock?"
All the women folk stood up.

"No no I mean has anybody seen my cock?"
All the nuns stood up!

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Sex during her pregnancy

A pregnant woman and her husband asked the doctor if it was okay to have sex during her pregnancy.

He told them that during the first trimester they could do it normal-style, during the second trimester they should do it dog-style and during the third trimester they were limited to wolf-style.

"Wolf-style?" queried the husband. "What's that?"

"You lie next to the hole and howl," replied the doctor.

Who whose

One morning a milkman called on one of his regular customers and was surprised to see a white bed sheet with a hole in the middle hanging up in her living room.

The housewife explained that she'd had a party the night before in which the company played "Who's Whose" - each of
the men had put their equipment through the hole and the women tried to guess their identity.

"Gee, that sounds like fun," said the milkman. "Sure wish I'd been there."

"You should have been," said the housewife. "Your name came up three times.

Sex maniac

A newly wed lady writes a letter to her mother for the first time after her marriage.

This is how the letter went:

Dear mom,
I'm happy here but danny troubles me a lot, he is such a sex maniac that he makes love to me all the time, while washing clothes, while bathing, while cooking,etc.

He doesn't give me time to rest at all.

Love ya,

p.s. please excuse the jerky handwriting

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