What is Salary

What is Salary

Salary :

It is like a women's period, comes once in a month, lasts for 3 or 4 days, if it does not come then we know that we are fucked!

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Four miracles of a woman

1) Getting wet without taking a shower
2) Bleeding without getting hurt
3) Giving milk without eating grass,and
4) Making boneless flesh hard !!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls reaction to penis sizes:

# 9'' - oh shit pain!
# 8 '' -Wow!!!!!!
# 7'' - oh yes, yum!
# 6'' - oh perfect!
# 5'' - mmm ok!
# 4'' - push more!
# 3'' - is it in?
# 2'' - idiot! Just use your tongue.

Ever wondered why ABCDEF are used to define bra sizes?
A - Airport (flat)
B - Barely there
C - Can do
D - Damn good
E - Enormous
F - Fake

25 useless things

25 useless things in a man:

20 nails
02 nipples that don't milk
02 balls that you cannot play with.
01 cock that does not lay egg.

My first time ever...

The night was young, the moon was high,
We were alone just she and I.

Her hair was smooth, her eyes bright blue,
I knew just what she wanted me to do.

Her skin was soft, her legs so fine,
I ran my finger down her spin.

I don't know how but I tried my best,
As I placed my hand on her tender breast.

I remembered my fear, my fast beating heart,
And slowly she spread her legs apart.

And when I did it I felt no shame,
I watched in awe as the white stuff came.

At last it's finished, it's all over now.

My first time ever...Milking a cow!

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