Medical test 4 marriage

Medical test 4 marriage

A 90-year old man announces his intention to marry a woman of 30. He is persuaded to have a medical exam first.

"Everyone tells me I need a checkup to see if I'm sexually fit," he says to the doctor.

"O.K,." says the medic, "Let me see your sex organs."

So the old guy sticks out his tongue and his middle finger.

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The Only One

On their wedding night, Bruce displays his member to his new virgin bride and tells her it's the only one in the world. She, of course, believes him.

He's gone for a conference for a couple of weeks. He returns, only to be questioned by his new wife.

"Bruce," she says, "I thought you said you had the only one in the world. But Harry at the drug store has one too."

"Well, er," Bruce flusters, "Harry and I were in the war together, I had two, so I gave him one of mine."

"Oh. Well, why did you give him the better one?"


A young girl sees her grandfather in the shower and asks him, "What are those between your legs?"

"Those are the apples of the tree of life," he tells her, by way of poetic concealment.

Impressed, the girl then tells this to her grandmother, who replies, "Did he mention anything about that dead branch they're hanging from?"

3 Questions

Q] What's the similarity between a toy train and a woman's breasts?
A] Both are meant for the child but the father plays with it.

Q] What's pink n hard when it goes in but soft n sticky when it comes out?
A] Chewing Gum!!

Q] What's the sexiest thing between a guy's legs?
A] His bike!!

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