Sex is like...

Sex is like...

SEX is not like Pepsi (Yeh dilmange more)

SEX is not like NIKE (Just do it)

SEX is not like NOKIA (Connecting people)

IT IS LIKE PAN PARAG (Ek se mera kya hoga)

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Pussy Poem

Pussy! Pussy! Dont go far
Can I rub you in salwar?
Up above the legs so high
Always juicy never dry
Let me fuck you, don,t feel shy
Come on baby, Just one try.


First night after marriage husband asks his wife, what did you feel.

Wife :10% Sharam,
10% Dard,
80% Yeh Dil Mange More !!!


Once a lady was drying her clothes on the terrace and milkman was passing beneath her house.

Suddenly her bra fell over the milkman, this milkman was notorious for his mischievous behavior he stop and looked up at the lady and shouted "BIBI JI AAPKE DOODH KA DAKAN GIR GAYA"

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