Girl's reaction

Girl's reaction

Girl's reaction to penis sizes:

# 9'' - oh shit pain!
# 7'' - oh yes, yum!
# 6'' - oh perfect!
# 5'' - mmm ok!
# 4'' - push more!
# 3'' - is it in?
# 2'' - idiot! Just use your tongue.

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Life is like a penis.

Sometimes up, sometimes down,
Sometimes hard, sometimes soft,
Sometimes big, sometimes small,
Sometimes in, sometimes out......


A guy went on a date with a girl and it went so well that they ended up back at HER place.

They went up stairs and they started having sex, after giving it to her 5 times the guy's bellend was red raw so when she was sleeping he went downstairs to find some vaseline but couldn't find any.

Suddnely he saw a glass of milk sitting on the table so he dunked his bellend and the rest of his bollocks in the glass, the girl came downstairs behind him, saw that he has sunk his balls in the milk, the girl said "Oh, So that's how you refill it!"


Q:) Why women like gold more than men?

A:) B'coz gold is 22 carrots and man has only one!

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