Qualities of a husband

Qualities of a husband

The eight qualities of a perfect husband



And if all else fails, well ... read the FIRST LETTER only...

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13 month pregnancy

A man goes to a railway station and looks to board the train which would take him to the place he wanted to go. He sees that all the compartments are full and that there is place only in the "Pregnant Women's Compartment".

So he devises a plan and manages to get a black "Burkha" and gets into the "Pregnant Women's Compartment" disguised with a soft ball stomach.

The train starts off, the man now is quietly seated with his face covered beside another lady this lady is also pregent but she is one hot babe, this guy is getting excited but keeps quite, she looks at him and asks him "So how long has it been?"

The man not knowing what to say replies 13 months, the woman is staggered and asks him, "Lady are you giving birth to a human baby or an elephant?"

The man replies, "An elephant.....Look the trunk is already out!"

Where was I?

A young couple having a son at 5 years of age went for a summer vaccation to the same place where they had their Honey moon on reaching the place they smiled at each other.

The son seeing them smile asked the DAD, "why you two are smiling and laughing?"

Dad Said, "No son, we already came to this place years back that's what we remembered"

The son persistently asked "DAD if you came here already, where was I"

Dad little embarassed said, "Son you were with me when we came here and with your MOM when we returned!!"

Adventure in Honeymooning!

The newlywed couple arrives in their sumptuous honeymoon suite, and it turns out that they are both virgins. Brought up the old traditional way, neither of them really knows how to have sex. So after about half a painful hour of abortive attempts to get it on, an idea occurs to the husband.

"OK, honey," he says, "this is what we'll do. I'll go into the closet and you go into the bathroom. We'll both get undressed and turn off the lights in the bedroom. And then on the count of three we'll both rush out at each other and then it will just happen in the middle of the bedroom."

The wife is a bit unsure about this, but since she doesn't have any better ideas she agrees. So, the husband goes into the closet and the wife goes into the bathroom and they both get undressed. The anticipation is driving the husband mad and as he takes off his clothes he begins to get an enormous erection.

The wife turns off the lights and on the count of three they both rush out into the bedroom towards each other. However since the room is dark the husband gets disoriented and runs by his wife...right into the dresser. He hits his willy against the dresser so hard that he passes out from the pain.

The next thing he remembers is coming to in a hospital bed, with a doctor looking down at him. His throbbing tool is still so painful that he moans to the doctor, "Doc, doc, how bad is it?"

To which the doctor replied, "That's nothing son. Wait till you see your wife! We still haven't gotten her off the doorknob yet."

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