Musical Notes!

Musical Notes!

Once a couple were on vacation. The husband was lying on the beach facing downwards on his stomach and the wife was patting him on his butt.

He ask her what she was doing, she said "I'm playing the Tabla" He turned around and told her "Alright now you can start playing the flute".

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Cycle and Girl

Q:) What's the difference between a cycle and a girl?

A:) In the case of a cycle, you have to keep your hips firm and keep your legs moving, but In the case of a girl, you have to keep your legs firm and move your hips.

Broken glasses!

An Indian Army Jawan went to see the Medical Captain for a new pair of glasses.

The Captain looked in his book of record and said, "But you just got a new pair last month!"

"Yes sir, b.. bu.. but I got them b.. broken in an accident," stammered the Jawan.

"Accident, what kind of an accident?" The Captain looked in his book of Accident definitions and glossaries, "Road-march accident, Firing Range accident, PT accident, drill accident?"

"No, no nothing of those," said the Jawan.

"Well then, what is it?"

"I'd rather not tell you sir..."

"Well, no satisfactory explanations, no new glasses," said the medical officer, ready to stand up.

"I've to see my patients now."

"No, no sir wait, I broke them when I was kissing my girlfriend," blurted the Jawan.

"Don't be daft man, how could you break your glasses kissing a girl?"

"You see she crossed her legs...."

Qualities of a husband

The eight qualities of a perfect husband



And if all else fails, well ... read the FIRST LETTER only...

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