No hair

2 girls were seated naked and talking.

1st: Why dont you have hair on your pussy?

2nd replied: "Have you ever seen grass growing on a busy road..."

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Fastest Camel!

Osama-bin-Laden had traveled into town after several weeks in the desert with his trusty camel. The camel had been his sole companion for years but eventually, time had slowed the poor beast down.

Laden was considering getting a new camel when he saw a sign outside of a store: WE MAKE YOUR CAMELS TRAVEL FASTER. GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

He looks at his camel and decides to give it a shot. He goes in the store with his camel and the vendor asks him," What can I do for you?"

"Well, friend" Laden replies, "I noticed your sign and I'm interested in your help. You see my camel's been slowing down a bit and I don't really want to trade him in for a new one."

The vendor says, "That won't be necessary here. We make your camels run faster. It's guaranteed."

"OK Let's do it."

The vendor says, "Please pull your camel over this way onto the platform."

While Osama is steadying his camel onto the platform, the vendor disappears into another room and returns with two large bricks.

"Stand back," he cautions Laden.

The vendor goes behind the camel with bricks in hand, and smashes the camel's balls. The camel runs out of the place like a bat out of hell.

"Wow!," says Osama, "That's the fastest I've seen him run in years! But how am I going to reach him now?"

The vendor says with a smile, "Please step onto the platform, sir."

13th Hole

A golfer was on vacation in Ireland and while playing he made a hole in one. With that, a leprechaun jumps out from the trees and says, "I am the lucky leprechaun of the 13th hole. I'll grant you any wish."

The player thought a bit and said, "Could you make my weenie a bit larger?"

Well, by the time he got to the 14th tee, his penis was showing below his shorts. He continued his game and on the 15th hole, it was dragging along behind him. By the 18th he could hardly drag it to the green.

He went straight to the pro shop and asked the pro how to fix it. The pro told him that according to legend, you must go back and make another ace and see the leprechaun again. So after purchasing five buckets of balls, he made his way back to the 13th and frantically began hitting shot after shot until finally he made the hole in one. Again the leprechaun offered any wish.

The player asked, "Could ya make me legs a bit longer?"

Musical Notes!

Once a couple were on vacation. The husband was lying on the beach facing downwards on his stomach and the wife was patting him on his butt.

He ask her what she was doing, she said "I'm playing the Tabla" He turned around and told her "Alright now you can start playing the flute".

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