Text me when you are sad

Text me when you are sad

Text me when you are sad, text me when you need someone to listen to and you can't find anyone who will. I don't care if I'm your last option, I just don't want you to cry alone.

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I always think of you

I always think of you, but I always fail to know the reason why. Is there something else I should know about you? But there is one thing that I know is true. That life will always be sad without you.

Men and women are angles

Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly... Hope you can find your angel whom you can fly with forever.

Roses are red

Roses are red, violets are blue. I am waiting to hear for a cute guy like you.
Roses r red, poppys r 2, but I'll do anything 2 b with you.
Roses r red Voilets r blue 2 hell with the colors I really luvs u.
Roses r red, sky lights r blue! Love is a drug and i'm addicted 2 u

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