A gun can kill some1

A gun can kill some1

A gun can kill some1. Fire can burn some1. Wind can chill. Anger can rage till it tearz u apart. But the power of ur smile can heal a frozen heart.

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In ur darkest hour

In ur darkest hour wen ur fed up & blue.just remember this I'll always be there 4 u. Im not angel n cant change ur fate. But I'll do anything 4 u coz ur my m8.

Although its quite a statement

Although its quite a statement, Well it happens 2 b true. The best friend I ever had, Im glad 2 say its u!

Wherever you go

Wherever you go, whatever you do,
you know I'll always be there for you.
So if u r alone, there is no need to fear,
Just give me a call and u kno I'll be there!

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