Loving someone

Loving someone gives u strength,
Being loved by someone gives u courage.

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A special smile

A special smile,
A special face,
A special some1 I cant replace,
A special hug,
From me to you,
For the special friendship,
I've found in you!



Girl- Am I prety?
Boy- No
Girl- Do u want 2 live with me?
Boy- No
Girl- Will u cry if I leave u?
Boy- No

The girl got vexd & started crying, the boy pulled her close 2 him & said u r not prety but pretiest, I don't want 2 live with u, but live 4 u, if u leave me I wont cry but DIE. The End.

Heart can skip

Heart can skip beat for a while. memories can be kept in a file. a desert can replace the nile but nothing can stop a smile when ur name comes on my mobile!

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