Birthday is a time To pause

Birthday is a time To pause

Birthday is a time
To pause and celebrate the year...
To refresh your memories of happy time...
And look forward to new hopes and joys...
Here's wishing you a special day of joy and celebration,
A day you'll cherish every moment of

Have a wonderful Birthday

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On your birthday

On your birthday
I thought of sending you flowers
Then thought of writing you a poetry
Send you a box of chocolates or
Take you out for a candle light dinner
Actually I can give you all of these
If I get a birthday treat

Happy Birthday Anyways

Your special day

May your special day surrounded by happiness,
Filled with laughter, wrapped with pleasure,
Brightend with fun, blessed with love,
Remembered with joy and enriched with hopes.

Here's hoping that your birthday brings to you, what you are deserving of year and years of happy days filled with lots of joy & love.

Have a Great Day


May your sun shine even bright

May your sun shine even brighter.
May your step seem even mighter.
May your smile strech even wider.
May your dreams reach even higher.
May you have a birthday that is never been finer.

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