On your birthday

On your birthday I wish for you

-All the joys your heart can hold.

-All the smiles a day can bring.

-All the blessings life can unfold.

May you have God' best in everything


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My wishes for you

My wishes for you on your Birthday

Cake - To delight you

Baloons - To raise spirits higher

Gifts - To to bring you tickling surprises

Candles - To brighten your life with joy

All these are my wishes for you on your BIRTHDAY

B'Day is a great celebration

A birthday is a great celebration, May you have lots of fun...
A birthday is a special day to spend, may you have a wonderful one...
A birthday is a time of warm wishes, so here's for you, a whole bunch.

While thinking fro your birthday

While thinking fro your birthday present I decided birthday cake will loose the taste, even the baloon wil deflate, the birthday flower will wither too and a pretty will not last long, But the Birthday Wishes will keep multiplying each day. So I decided to send you wishes this Birthday...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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