SMILE on your FACE

SMILE on your FACE

A SMILE on your FACE
A Spring in your STEP
A SONG in your HEART
Joys to hold Dear
Loved once to hold near
Moments to cherish
all through the year

Wishing you a Birthday that is a true celebration of the Heart.

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From childhood pranks

From childhood pranks to serious discussions.

From little silly dreams to achieving real targets.

From competing each other to sharing tiniest of secrets.

We have always been together and today I want to tell you that you are my best buddy.


We have Instant Coffee

We have Instant Coffee.
We have Instant Food.
We have Instant success.
We have instant love.
NOW ......

We Need an Instant Party from you


When a friend has a birthday

When a friend has a birthday there's only one thing to say but lots of way to say it....

You're fantastic!
You're the best!
You're no one!
You're terrific!


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