Wishing you a day

Wishing you a day as happy as can be...
With sunny thoughts & loving wisher from me...


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You nurture

You nurture, care and make joy blossom all around
On Mother's Day... I wish you a day filled with warmth & happiness.


Like the snow flakes

Like the snow flakes of winter you fill my heart with the magic of your love...
Like the bright spring your love for me is evergreen..
Like the sunny summer you fill my life with your sunshine smile...
Like the mellow autumn you keep me always in your thought...
Mom you are also in my thought & prayers...
Not just on Mother's Day but Always!
Love you Mom, you mean a lot to me!

Most near and most dear

M - Most near and most dear.
O - Oodles of affection.
T - Tenderness & warmth of ur love n care
H - Hugs Unlimited
E - Extra sweet and lovable
R - Raining ur kisses always on me

Love you Mom in every way


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