Before the golden sun sets

Before the golden sun sets

Before the golden sun sets,
This year's calender is destroyed,
And mobile networks get jammed,
I wish in new year every moment is enjoyed.

Happy New Year

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Its the new year

Its the new year! & I have designed a special calendar for us

Sweet dreams to brighten our spring...
Hot smooches to sizzle our summer...
Warm memories to color our autumn...
Tight hugs to warm our winter...

Here's wishing us 12 months of loving moments n 365 days of joy!
Happy New Year

I would just do anything

I would just do anything [My Love]
I would just die for u [Baby]
I just can't live a moment in desolation,
When darkness falls, I want u... by my side.
Would u be there to wrap me arround u, hold me tight & kiss me gently.
And I'll breath again... again my love! Happy New Year.

Meet New Year

As this year rushes to meet New Year...

Its pop-the-bubbles time, cheer-like-mad time & just be party-hearty time!

Wishing you a Ha-Ha-Happy New Year that's a blast all the way.

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