To a Lovely Person

To a Lovely Person

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
From Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
At a Lovely Time
From a Lovely Mind
In a Lovely Mood
In a Lovely Style
To wish you
Have a Lovely "Birthday"

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The Day I Like

Some people like Sunday,
Some people like Monday,
However I just like only one day,
Its your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Today is your Birthday

Today is your Birthday

A day to celebrate our friendship

A day to cherish our memories

A day to relive our joyous moments

A day to share our secrets

Lets cheer together for our frendship


Don't just count the years

Don't just count the years that you will celebrate today,
Count the friends you've made and joys you've known along the way.
Count your special talent and the interests you pursue,
Count the stars you have wished on and the dreams you've seen come true.
May you count your years by memories of the joys along life's way,
Good friends you've made, kind things you've done so thoughtfully eachday.
And the joy you've brought to others be returned to you to brighten each coming day the whole year through.


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