Apun Wishing U

Apun wishing u
a wonderful
super duper
xtra badhiya
xtra special
ekdum mast
n dhinchak
bole to ekdum jhakaas b'day.
JANAM DIN mubarak ho..

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Your Birthday is Golden

I hope ur birthday is golden,
Without a worry or a care.
I hope U have beautiful dreams
& find happiness everywhere.
I'm sorry that I can't be there
2 celebrate with U,
But though there's much distance between us,
I'll be thinking of U all day,
& wishing U a wonderful &
memorable day.
Many birthday blessings 2 U!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, dear..!
I hope that u'll have a great day
& that u'll be surrounded by ur loved 1s.
May all ur wishes come true
& that u'll always be happy.
The eyes R the mirror of ur soul
& the most essential things in life
R only visible through ur heart
& I know that ur soul & ur heart,
reflect how special U really R!

Wake up happy

Wake up happy...
Chase a cloud...
Laugh out loud...
Whistle a tune...
Whisper a promise...
Savor a memory...
Make it a gr8 day...

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