Suraj Roshni Le Kar Aaya

Suraj Roshni Le Kar Aaya

Suraj roshni le kar aaya
Aur chidiyon ne gaana gaaya
Phoolon ne hans hans kar bola
Mubarak ho tumhara janam din aaya.

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Someone as special as you

Someone as special as you,
who always thinks of others,
who is true to her heart
and dedicated to her family,
deserves a wonderful birthday.
I hope your birthday is the best ever,
a memorable time that you'll always look
back on fondly.
May the day bring you as
much beauty as a garden full
of pink roses in bloom,
and inspire hope for tomorrow.
Happy Birthday..!

12 months of HAPPINESS

Wishing u 12 months of HAPPINESS
52 weeks of FUN
365 days of LAUGHTER
8760 hours of GOODLUCK
525600 minutes of JOY
31536000 seconds of SUCCESS.

Look Outside

Look Outside.
It's so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For U...
Trees Dancing for U...
Birds singing for U...
Because I requested them all
to wish U Happy Birthday!

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