Salty Dreams

Have a
"Salty Dreams"
Because daily sweet is not
Good for ur health, take care.

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Take it Light G

Take it Light G,
Miss Me Slight G,
Never Do Fight G,
Have Fun Might G,
Eat Good Diet G,
Try Flying a Kite G,
Be Always Happy Right G,
& G0o0d Night G,

Chilled night

On this chill chill night,
In ur dark dark room,
from your small small window,
look at the bright bright stars
wishing you a chweet chweet dreams.

One evening

One evening I'll come 2 your room,
Lock the door,
Turn off the lights,
Join U in bed.
I'll come closer 2 U,
My lips near your face,
And I'll shout,
Have a great night.
"Good Night"

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