Art of living

Art of living:
First of all, dont make friends.
If made, dont go close to them.
If gone, dont like them.
If liked, then plz.. dont leave them.
Good Night, sweet dreams...

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A shining ANGEL

A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed,
Calling ur nice Name so softly,
Throwing flowers on U
And saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

G. O. O. D... N. I. G. H. T.

G. Go 2 Bed
O. Off d Lights
O. Out O Tension
D. Dreams Come

N. Nice Sleep
I. Ignore Worries
G. Get Up Early
H. Have A Nice Day
T. Thank God Always

Radio Bed FM

Welcome 2
Radio Bed FM
Dis Is Dj Bedsheet
Hngin Out Wis Dj Pilow
4 Nw I'l Play U A Song
SleepTyt Dozn Ov
Swit Drimz 4m d Album
Njoy d Song

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