When things go wrong

When things go wrong

When things go wrong

When sadness fills your heart

When tears flow in your eyes

Always remember 3 things
1) I am with you.
2) You have money.
3) Bar is open, Lets go...

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So Sweet is ur SMILE

So Sweet is ur SMILE???
so Sweet is ur STYLE???
so Sweet is ur VOICE???
so Sweet is ur EYE?????
see .......how Sweetly I LIE.

A B C D . . .

A - U r Attractive
B - U r the Best
C - U r Cute
D - U r Dear 2 Me
E - U r Excellent
F - U r Funny
G - U r Good-Looking
H - hehehe
I - I'm

We've known each other

We've known each other for quite a while now,
Do u think we can b more than friends?
Cos I like u very much.
Will u b my partner
2 rob a bank?

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